as a non-profit you may receive help to pay for your class fees. thousands of new clients utilize our program every year. you are not alone in this.

OUR staff will assist you to find the right Online Court Ordered classes so you only have to do this once! 

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Online Court Ordered Classes  has technology that allows you to use any mobile device, laptop, or computer. 

Online Court Ordered Classes

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How To Choose The Right Court Ordered Classes

Often it's difficult to attend court ordered courses due to busy work schedules, family, and other life commitments. These on-line courses permit you to learn precisely the same tools as our "in person" classes but in a low-anxiety, convenient, affordable and court approved environment. Established in 2006, we are the first low cost court accepted internet program to offer live video group sessions.

Our Court Ordered Courses have no hidden fees or prices.

Each student, upon enrollment, will receive "Proof of Registration" without any added paperwork costs.

The many Judges that are acquainted with us understand how our courses work, and the contribution each student receives as a result of attending our court ordered program, that is why we've been approved to provided court ordered programs to counties and cities across the country. That's the same reason that they don't consider our Domestic Violence Classes, Battery Courses, Anger Management Courses, (DEJ) Deferred Entry of Judgment Classes, Criminal Behavior Modification Classes, Shoplifting / Theft Prevention Courses, Divorce Courses and Parenting / Co-Parenting Courses as online classes but as "Live Participation" classroom courses, and because of this, if you have been ordered to attend, we can assist you.

During progress report hearings, there is interchange between the Court and defendant. The Court always looks to the court ordered program to send updates on how the client is advancing, and we will do our best to offer the court a sincere and accurate report that reflects your involvement and participation so that they know you are doing what they ordered. On the other hand, lousy performance can cause the judge or probation to punish you, ranging from verbal admonishment, to ordered incarceration. This is why you must enroll into a court ordered classes agency that understands you, and can assist you to be successful in completing your course. You, and only you, determine the type of information we will supply to the court and probation, and we will work with you so that a good report is possible. Also, don't worry, your certificate is included.

The Life Wisdom Foundation, is a leader in our industry, and as a nonprofit, can assist you and help pay for some of the class fees that you were ordered to pay.  Our goal is to make available a court ordered program that is based on success, not failure.​​

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Online Court Ordered Classes

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As an Approved Online Court Ordered Classes Provider, we compassionately assist you through this stressful time in your life. As a National Provider, our teachers, administrators, and support staff, all work together to help meet the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of every student. Call Today.